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Using emu oil for burns
burn results

This Singaporean boy scolded himself with hot milo. As we can see he had severe 3rd degree burns, he did not see a doctor, instead he applied pure emu oil to the burn, this picture shows the healing of the burn after just 6 days of using emuse pure emu oil !

Using emu oil for eczema

Eczema is a common skin rash. This lady had very bad eczema around her neck, cheek and ear, after applying pure emu oil for 3 weeks the eczema has completely cleared.

eczema results
Using emu oil for scars
emu oil for scars

This customer had a total knee replacement on both legs, approximately 6 months apart. The first knee replacement has had pure emu oil applied everyday for 7 1/2 months, as you can see the deep scaring has almost completly cleared. The second knee replacement was 1 month ago and has also had pure emu oil applied everyday.

Here's what some other customers are saying about emuse products ~

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

I should add that I have breast cancer and have been taking Chemo treatments. The taxitere (one of the chemo drugs) burns your skin and leaves blister like lesions. I read that Emu oil was good for sunburn and gave it a try. I have to say, it seems to be working really well so I will keep using it and it seems to be healing the skin as well. It took the heat out of the burn immediately. Every little bit of relief is a major help.

Thank you again,

Lorraine Richards


Hello, My son has sever eczema. We bought one battle of your product. It seems work well with him. I will appreciate it if you can send my order as soon as possible because we are running out of the emu oil. My son needs it. Many thanks, Wen 


My Aunt has used your products and loves them. Amy Pritchard, USA


And, by the way, I have been using the Anti-Aging products and really love them.  Best Regards, Susan West, Texas. USA


Good day! Thank you very much! Your products are wonderful. I am looking forward your new product. Kind Regards Ikea, Taiwan


I received my Emuse Shampoo and this time it was in perfect condition.  The tape on the cap worked like a charm.  I wanted you to know this cause you were such a tremendous help.  Thank you ever so much.  I have now used the shampoo and conditioner and really do like them.  I am so glad I decided to try them. I really am pleased. Your friend, Susan West


Thanks for getting back to me.  I really need my EMU moisturizer.  It,s the only thing that works. Sara


This is my second order-I love it! Penny Arvidson Richards USA

Hi Gal,
Thanks for the arrangement i received my items yesterday.
The pure emu oil is good in relieving the itchiness of my daughter's & my mosquitoes bites and it helps to subsiding the bumps too. I tried to use the emu oil to massage on my aching legs & shoulder last night, and surprising when i woke up this morning my aching has be relieved a lot.
Will be back for the bigger bottle pure emu oil soon. From Patsy Singapore

Hi, i used the eye cream for few days, it penetrates well in my eyes the smell too. I want to give a try of the emu oil since it can be use for so many purposes...there is my order. Thks Sarah Keh

Hi, I'm back to get a bigger bottle of emu oil. After applying the emu oil on my son's burning wound for almost a week,I can really see the effectiveness.The redness has subsized substantially, he no longer complains about the itchness of the healing process. It moistures the skin very well and I think it is really good for dry skin. Thumbs up for a great product. From Katwong

Hi, my boy kind of stop scratching once we applied the oil :-)
My face kind of itch the other night and I tried the facial nourishing and the itch stopped! For the face nourishing, do I apply juz once a day? Will it make my face oily if I applies day & night?

Hi ,one of my behind right ear is dry,painful and I think is rotten ,think is I use to wearing earring to sleep last time,and use to sleeping on my right side,though now I no longer wear my earring to sleep,but still will wear during the day,will feel so empty without earring,and that result my skin condition behind my ear never had a chance to heal,but after apply the emu oil once a day for a few days,it really get a lot better,and no more painful. Jasmine, Singapore

i have received the oil and after 2 days applying on my 19mths old girl who has eczema on her arms, the rashes has subsided alot! it's really a life-saver as i don't really like using steriod creams on her and the moisturizers dont help in calming down her skin.
Will be ordering the big bottle when my current bottle finishes. From Xynn

hi, gotten my item ystdy and tried on my son... i really thank u for bringing in such a fantastic product... he had a mozzie bite ystdy and as usual it swell to a bump... but after application only once, not only did e swell subsided the next day, my dear boy didnt even scratch it even once and he loves applying it too compared to other ointments as it doesnt sting... will recommend to my frds with children... thumbs up! From Pinky


emu oil
Halal Emu Oil
Emuse pure emu oil is Halal certified.
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