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Extracted from the emu bird native to Australia, emu oil is a transdermal carrier that penetrates deep into your skins layers to pass on the essential fatty acids. EFA’s are vital for both skin health and inner bodily health. There are many oils available on the market which when applied will make your skin FEEL good, however most oils will sit on top of the skins surface. Emu oil is one of the ONLY known oils that will penetrate ALL layers of the skin. Pure emu oil contains the natural fatty acids the Omega 3 EFA, the Omega 6 EFA and the Omega 9 EFA. If you closely watch ingredients of skin care products, you will notice that these fatty acids make part of the composition of high quality, effective natural skin care products. It is for this reason that pure emu oil is often used as a skin care ingredient, mostly as an emollient or moisturiser due to its deep penetrating properties and ability to bring other beneficial properties deep into the skin.

The emu oil is applied topically on the skin surface, but it will penetrate deep into the skin layers so as to deliver the great health benefits of these fatty acids. Emu oil has several properties that make it perfect for natural skin care. For example, they have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and healing properties, anti-fungal properties, and powerful moisturising properties. This is because emu oil is very similar to your skin natural oil composition.

How Emu Oil Penetrates the Skin

The most striking feature of the emu oil is the powerful penetrating effect, which makes it such a potent emollient. According to studies, this may be due to the fact that they have a non-phosphorous composition. Our natural human skin can be described as phospholipids deficient or simply deficient in phosphorous. As a result, the skin will prevent anything with phosphorous from penetrating into the inner layers of the skin surface. On the other hand, anything that is deficient in phosphorous such as the emu oil is allowed to penetrate easier. This is how the skin surface reacts to phospholipids and largely explains the super-penetrating quality of the emu oils.

The emu oils are very rich in the oleic acid or the Omega 9 EFA. It is, in fact, the main fatty acid in the emu oil, and it is a monounsaturated fatty acid. The property of the oleic acid is another key factor that explains the deep penetrating effect of this oil. This is because the oleic acids function as enhancers in the body during the transport of the bioactive compounds across the skin surface. The presence of large amounts of the oleic acids in the oils, therefore, facilitates the easy movement of these oils across the dermis of the skin thus contributing to their highly efficient penetrating ability.

If you compare the composition of the emu oil skin to that on our skin surface, you may find that they are very similar. Our skin and the emu oils contain almost the same amounts of Palmitic, Stearic, Palmitoleic, Oleic acids, Linoleic acids and linolenic acids. This overall similarity in the fatty acid composition allows the emu oil to simply seep beneath the skin surface with relative ease when applied topically.

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