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Thursday, June 08 2017

Emu Oil for Wrinkles? It Really Can Help!


When it comes to wrinkles, they’re an unwelcome feature that many people would like to avoid or remove. The removal of wrinkles often requires something more than finding the right lotions and potions. But, there are some natural options out there that can help delay them and make their appearance less prominent.


Emu oil is one such option that has a multitude of facial skin benefits - including safeguarding against wrinkles. Want to find out more? Then read on.


How Emu Oil Fights Signs of Aging


Pure emu oil naturally contains a number of properties that are surprisingly similar to human skin. Those properties include:


  • Vitamin A, repairs skin with antioxidants.

  • Oleic acid, regenerates the skin and a natural anti-wrinkle agent.

  • Linoleic acid, eases muscle aches and joint pain.

  • Terpines, a gentle, natural antiseptic.

  • Sapogens, gently but thoroughly, softens skin.


Three of those naturally occurring ingredients are helpful to human skin and the avoidance of wrinkles, Vitamin A, Oleic acid and Sapogens.


Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised is one way everyone can help delay the signs of aging. However, add in the antioxidant and skin cell regeneration properties and it’s easy to see that Emu Oil benefits skin care and the quest to avoid wrinkles!

Getting into specifics for a moment, the antioxidants contained in Emuse Pure Emu Oil oxygenate your skin. It eradicates the free radicals that can damage your skin and helps to keep it looking youthful, supple and plump.


Keep Your Emu Oil Product as Natural as You Can


To ensure you’re using the most natural Emu Oil on the market and taking full advantage of all those beneficial properties, you can’t go wrong with Emuse Emu Oil Products. Our Emu Oil facial products contain 100% emu oil that ensures deep penetration below the top layers of your skin.


That means all the emu oil benefits will reach the soon-to-be exposed layers of your skin and not just the top few that will naturally come away. Emuse Products are also perfect for sensitive skin and won’t clog your pores. That means not only will the emu oil help fight wrinkles and repair your skin, it won’t be the cause of any acne, either!


Emu oil benefits don’t just work on your face, but can be used for your whole body too. Select from the Emuse range of:


  • Eye cream

  • Facial creams.

  • Body lotions.

  • Shampoo.

  • Soap.

  • Even pet shampoo!


We know all the benefits of Emu oil, so why don’t you start finding out about them, too?

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