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Thursday, November 03 2016
The Healing Benefits of Emu Oil

For centuries, Indigenous Australians have used the benefits of emu oil to assist in the relief of ailments and as a natural remedy for a variety of bodily aches and pains. Today the emu oil benefits are being accessed by a rising group of people including the renown Dr Oz, as well as medical professionals all over the world.

Emu oil is currently being studied and researched to further understand the vast emu oil benefits that are accessible with this incredible natural oil.  Thus, studies have found that emu oil has a remarkable inflammation reduction ability and contains high doses of linolenic acid which has local anti-inflammatory effects on the area applied to.

Emu oil goes deeper than skin deep. As such, emu oil benefits are vast and aids the body at a depth of levels.

Healing agent and antioxidant properties found in Emu Oil

The healing benefits of emu oil were well known by the Australian Aborigines. Among these benefits was the moisturising and pain relieving abilities that Emu Oil brought. However, these Emu Oil benefits are largely attributed to the vitamins and other properties.

Emu Oil has the following natural preservatives in it which aid in the many Emu Oil benefits:

·       Vitamin E is a major antioxidant, natural preservative and healing agent

·       Vitamin A is responsible for repairing the skin and as an antioxidant

·       Sapogens softens the skin

·       Oleic acid is a skin cell regenerator and an anti-wrinkle agent

·       Terpines is an antiseptic

·       Linoleic acid eases muscle and joint aches and pains.

Skin care benefits

One of the best Emu Oil benefits is that of skin regeneration and assistance in anti-wrinkling. Thus, Emu Oil helps improve your skin by moisturizing, hydrating, and lubricating dry and irritated skin. Emu Oil Products helps slow down the aging process by countering wrinkle as well as dry, thinning or scaly skin which is a common phenomenon with aging.

Other Emu Oil benefits for the skin include an improvement in the appearance and repair of stretch marks, skin rashes, burns, scars, sun damage, and other damaged skin conditions.

Emu Oil and your hair

When it comes to your hair, Emu Oil benefits include restoring a healthy glow to your hair, assist with split ends and potentially stimulate dormant hair follicles thus promoting hair growth.

Pain reliever

Besides being purely natural, Emu Oil is void of phospholipids which blocks your oil-based products from penetrating into your skin. With Emu Oil, your skin absorbs the Emu Oil benefits at the deeper levels,  fully allowing your skin to be highly moisturized and your muscles or joints thoroughly relaxed.

If combined with other pain-relieving ingredients (for example menthol), the benefits of Emu Oil include a reduction in inflammation, stiffness, muscle pain, bruising or joint pain.

Emu Oil Products

At Emuse Products, you can purchase a variety of Emu Oil Products including the following:

·       Pure emu oil

·       Nourisher value Pack

·       Anti-ageing value pack

·       Facial products

·       Emu oil and Aloe Vera soap

·       Hair care products

·       Moisture Balance Emu Oil Conditioner

·       Pro-Vitamins B5 Emu Oil Shampoo

The list of Emu Oil Products available at Emuse Products continue. Whatever your needs, Emuse is sure to have an Emu Oil Product for you. Purchase your order today to begin reaping the many healing benefits of Emu Oil.

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