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Friday, November 04 2016
Relieve Eczema Symptoms with Emu Oil

The Emu bird of Australia is the source of Emu Oil, the latest craze in dermatological remedies, especially when it comes to eczema. Prior to recent times, the Australian Aborigines were among the few people who discovered the amazing healing benefits of Pure Emu Oil.

While the Indigenous Australians hunted the emu for food, clothing and medicine, they found that although the emu has little fat within its meat, the fat under the emu’s skin contained an oil that many benefits to the skin as well as relieved pain in a variety of ailments.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is the medical name for patches of the skin that are rough, inflamed and at times blistered. Often eczema is accompanied by itching and bleeding.  For many people, there is not known cause for eczema.

Usually eczema is more commonly found among babies and small children but adults are also known to suffer from it. There is no cure as such for eczema although many treatments have been found to attempt combating the discomforts of eczema while trying to heal the skin barrier.

Emu Oil and Eczema

Emu Oil Products are largely topical thus they can be applied directly onto the eczema infected skin. Applying Pure Emu Oil to your infected skin as a topical treatment works well to reduce the redness and inflammation.

When combined with vitamin E, Emu Oil Products have been found to work wonders for the damaged skin. Emu Oil works as a great moisturiser by sealing moisture into the skin thus preventing it from drying, flaking or peeling during the healing process.

Emu Oil Products have been found to relieve the redness of the skin caused by eczema while providing some anti-itch benefits.  In addition, Pure Emu Oil has been found to be non comedogenic thus it doesn’t cause the skin’s pores to block into blackheads. Allergies to Emu Oil are also extremely rare.

Apply Pure Emu Oil Products to freshly cleaned and dry skin. When drying skin, it is best to pat dry and not rub. Rubbing the skin will cause further damage and agitation. The results from the Pure Emu Oil may be seen in a couple of days or months; it depends on the person thus give it time to heal your skin.

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