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Thursday, September 29 2016

Emu oil treats eczema

A chronic skin disorder that is thought to be hereditary for many people, eczema or atopic dermatitis is accompanied by red, itchy skin. For some people this may be a regular occurrence whereas others may only experience eczema during the change of seasons. Either way, eczema is unpleasant and sadly, a cure is still to be found.

The triggers for eczema often include allergens either in the air or in food. Testing for allergies can assist in reducing unnecessary exposure to allergens. Another common trigger for eczema, although a more controversial one among doctors, is that of foods including eggs, soy, wheat, fish and nuts.

Some people experience a trigger of eczema due to skin sensitivity to certain soaps. In this case minimizing the use of soaps and other drying compounds can further aid in managing eczema. Fortunately, emu oil products do come in an assortment of soaps that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturized while reducing skin inflammation and irritation.

Although eczema cannot be cured yet, many people who suffer from eczema find themselves on prescribed medication or cortisone treatments. These treatments often have a negative impact on the skin in the long run.

Meanwhile, eczema can be treated with changes in habits and lifestyle as well as with the use of pure emu oil and other emu oil products. Although not a cure pure emu oil does provide significant relief to many people with eczema. These people often see a dramatic improvement after a couple of weeks using emu oil products and pure emu oil.

Emu oil as treatment

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil has been found to reduce the redness, irritation and itchiness associated with eczema. Pure emu oil encourages the skin to heal while reducing scarring on the skin. The nature of pure emu oil ensures that your skin remains hydrated, moisturized and keeps your pores open to breathe.

Pure emu oil can be taken in the form of emu oil products such as natural emu oil soaps and pure emu oil. Where soaps allow you to enjoy a bath or shower without the worry of your eczema being further aggravate, pure emu oil can be used directly on the affected area after a bath or shower. Coming in the form of a pump bottle and ranging in various sizes, you can apply pure emu oil as an emu oil product directly to your skin to relieve redness and inflammation from eczema.

Our emu oil products are effective in managing your eczema thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which reduce the red inflammation and stop eczema from spreading further. Pure emu oil is also hyper-oxygenated thus improving blood circulation to the infected area, highly absorbent with no oily or greasy feel, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic thus preventing further skin irritation.

As a result, our emu oil products give you the opportunity to treat your eczema with no further side effects or increase in spreading eczema to other areas. Your body can finally breathe and relax while pure emu oil rejuvenates and heals your skin.

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