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Emu Oil for Stretch Marks

Emu Oil for Stretch Marks?

Emu Oil is a natural skin healer, and is commonly used to prevent, reduce and repair stretch marks. Using Emu Oil for stretch marks is a safe and natural way to heal stretch marks on any part of the body, without negative side effects. After just a few weeks of using Emu Oil on your stretch marks, you can literally see the stretch marks disappearing. Emu Oil can be used on stretch marks for men and women of all ages.

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How does Emu Oil work for Stretch Marks?

Emu Oil works for stretch marks for many reasons, firstly it maximises skin elasticity, making it ideal to use during pregnancy while the skin around the stomach is stretching.

* Emu Oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid. Triglycerides (a type of fatty compound) are abundant in human skin lipids, meaning that the composition of fatty acids in human skin is very similar to that of emu oil. This makes the absorption of emu oil into human skin faster and more effective.

* Pure Emu Oil is high in oleic acid, which increases its ability to carry compounds through the skin, making for faster skin healing and repair.

* Emu Oil also contains high amounts of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids which are vital for maintaining healthy skin and allowing the skin to re-grow and heal itself.

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How to use Emu Oil for Stretch Marks

Using Emu Oil for stretch marks is easy. Just rub a small amount of our Emuse Pure Emu Oil on the areas where you have stretch marks morning and night. For pregnancy rub a small amount of Pure Emu Oil on your stomach and sides morning and night to prevent stretch marks.

Within just a few weeks you will notice the difference!

Real testimony on Emu Oil for Stretch Marks -

"I've had stretch marks on my thighs, sides and chest for about 2 years. I started using Emuse Pure Emu Oil on my chest only, now the stretch marks on my chest are almost completely gone, I'm going to start using it on my thighs and sides too now"

(Rikki-lee NSW Australia)

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Halal Emu Oil
Emuse pure emu oil is Halal certified.
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