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Emu Oil for your skin

Emu Oil is becoming more and better known for the good things it can do for our skin. Emu oil is almost identical to the fatty acid makeup of your skin, making it very effective for many skin conditions. Emu Oil is being used as a natural alternative for treating many types of skin rashes and skin discomforts, as well as being used to nourish and moisturise already healthy skin. To gain the benefits of Emu oil for your skin, you don't have to use the pure emu oil straight on your skin, (although you can). We have developed a range of luxury emu oil skin care products, based on natural and organic ingredients that will nourish and care for your skin.

emu oil for skin

Is Emu Oil good for your skin?

Absolutely! Emu Oil is good for your skin weather used on its own, or in skin care products. Emu Oil is 100% natural and has no known side effects, emu oil is even safe to use on babies, elderly and pregnant women. Emu Oil can be seen as a really healthy vegetable that feeds the skin, it doesn't matter how much you use, it will only do your skin good.

Why is emu oil good for skin?

* Anti bacterial - safe to use on acne prone skin as it will help fight the bacteria growth)

* Non comedogenic - Will not clog your pores

* A natural anti - inflammatory - Great for skin rashes and red inflamed skin

* Hypo allergenic - Ideal for sensitive skin and babies.

emu oil for skin

What happens when you use emu oil skin care?

Pure Emu Oil reaches all layers of the skin. So it can help to repair scars and burns, rashes and skin discomforts very effectively. Emu oil is also a carrier oil, which means if it's used in a moisturiser or lotion, it will also bring with it whatever ingredients are in the product deep into the skin. So if emu oil is used in products that contain chemicals or harsh ingredients, then these will also be drawn deep into the skin and eventually into the blood stream. That's why the Emuse skin care range is based on natural and organic ingredients which are good for the skin. We only used mild preservatives to help maintain shelf life, we do not use harsh chemicals in our products....we believe that quality comes from purity.

Click here to see all our Emu Oil Skin Care Products.

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Halal Emu Oil
Emuse pure emu oil is Halal certified.
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