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Emu oil for Rosacea


Rosacea is a skin condition that can make your skin become red, inflamed and irritated. Rosacea effects approtimately 6% of people, it can often be crippling if there is no successful treatment carried out. Rosacea can often have a negative effect on a persons self esteem and social wellbeing. It is estimated that 78 percent of sufferers have no knowledge of this skin condition, including how to recognize it or how to treat Rosacea.

Rosacea Stages

This is the initial sign of rosacea. It's usually blood vessels expanding to more stimuli, opening wider and staying open for longer periods of time compared to normal people's skin. At this stage you can't usually see the damage.

Mild Rosacea
Mild Rosacea begins when the face becomes red and flushed for long periods of time - usually 1/2 an hour or more after a trigger. Those who have frequent pre-rosacea flushing are highly vunrable to progressing to mild rosacea. Some of the common triggers for a facial flush are hot or cold climates, emotional stress, exercise, topical irritants, synthetic skin care products and allergic reactions.

Moderate Rosacea
As facial flushing starts to get more frequent and severe, vascular damage occurs. This can result in long lasting redness, swelling and inflammatory papules and pustules. Telangiectasia (damaged micro blood vessels, often visible on the surface of the skin) may be noticed in the areas where flushing is worst.

Severe Rosacaea
This is the worst stage of Rosacea, and involves long periods of facial flushing, severe inflammation of the skin, facial pain, swelling and burning sensations. Sufferers can develop intolerance to products they were able to use previously. Also inflammatory papules, pustules and nodules can be present. Some people get a bulbous enlargement of the nose, known as rhinophyma. This is just a guide, you may of course experience symptoms outside these ranges.

Emu Oil for Rosacea

Emu Oil is a natural and gentle skin healer, and can be very effective in treating and reducing Rosacea. Using Emu Oil for Rosacea can help to sooth the redness and irritation, and help bring the skin back the a healthy glow. The healing properties of Pure Emu Oil give your skin the nourishment it needs to repair back to it's natural state. Emu Oil has helped thousands of people around the world to reduce and treat many types of skin rash and skin conditions, including Rosacea.

Emu Oil for Rosacea - How does it Work?

There are many great components that help Emu Oil to heal Rosacea -

* A natural anti inflammatory - Emu oil will bring down the inflammation and boulbos effects of Rosacea.

* Non comedogenic - Emu oil does not clog the pores of your skin, though it will penetrate the Rosacea effected skin.

* Anti bacterial - Emu Oil will help fight the Rosacea infection.

* Natural and non toxic - Emu Oil is great for sensitive skin, even children skin.

* A Skin repairer - The components of Pure Emu Oil are similar to our skins natural oils, which aids in helping to nourish and repair skin, and will also prevent and reduce scars.

Emu Oil products for Rosacea

emu oil rosacea

Emu Oil Facial Nourisher. Emuse facial nourisher contains pure emu oil, aloe vera, organic honey, and many other skin nourishing ingredients. Safe for sensitive skin, use daily after cleansing. Emuse products are Hypoallergenic and will not clog your pores.

emu oil rosacea
Pure Emu Oil. A natural skin healer and repairer, using emu oil for rosacea can help to reduce the inflammation and heal the skin infection. Use a small amount daily after cleansing.
emu oil
Halal Emu Oil
Emuse pure emu oil is Halal certified.
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